Video Collaboration Tools

Using a unique blend of AI and human enabled moderation tools, tetheree delivers highly curated, accessible and personalized media streams

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Time coded tagging / chaptering

Increase playback efficiency by adding chapter markers and content tags along the timeline for quick search and retrieval

Comments / collaboration

Improve communication across your teams through messaging with pointers to content specific locations within related videos


Find relavant video segments via timecoded metadata such as transcript, optical characters, faces and other insights captured using artificial intelligence

Playlist generation

Quickly concatenate thematic sections of video clips and share with team members or as public streams using real time trimming and sequencing actions

Personalized Feeds

Dynamically generate video collections by setting filters and receive notifications when new matches are detected meeting the defined criteria

Audio tags

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Explore the Use Cases

Sales training

Provide feedback directly on the timeline of recorded sales pitch videos to help guide your sales team towards the most effective and brand targeted messaging

Education / lecture tools

Allow your students to search for issues related information acrosee an antire catlog of category speific videos and communicate with other students at speicifc points of video lecture

Observations / Field Reports

Capture video observations using mobile phone and immediataly transmi,t dynamically generating field reports per defined customisex criteria

Corporate Communications

Improve communication across teams and timezones, disseminating insights from audio tags to capture findings, actions, decisions, open questions

Sales Collateral

Tag sales collateral by topic for easy non-linear access of content and facilitate Q&A across multiple prospects using asynchronous messaging


Offer video introductions to candidates, documenting areas of interest or concern across the video inviting other decision makers to comment and evaluate


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